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Drummond’s nonprofit profit

JCCC Trustee Candidate Bob Drummond's website lists his nonprofit organization's e-mail address as his campain e-mail.

JCCC Trustee Candidate Bob Drummond's website lists his nonprofit organization's e-mail address as his campaign e-mail.

Bob Drummond has served as president and CEO of TLC for Children and Families since 2001. Having worked in nonprofit organizations, I understand the skill and dedication it takes to serve the community. However, I also know that nonprofit organizations  cannot participate in political campaigns.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, nonprofit organizations “may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.”

A veteran of the nonprofit world, Drummond should know using his work e-mail as his campaign e-mail places his nonprofit organization at risk for losing it’s federal and state funding. Drummond’s inability to understand regulations that guide his nonprofit places hundreds of children and families at risk of losing services they seek from his organization.

As part of his platform, Drummond says he wants to “enhance the economic benefit of JCCC with increased business and school district partnerships.”

Let’s just hope that if he’s elected to the board, Drummond will take the time to learn the regulations that guide JCCC.


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A Sharp Lesson for JCCC

Good thing Stephanie Sharp isn’t a trustee at Maple Woods Community College.

Like JCCC, Maple Woods Community College is facing budget cuts. Unfortunately for students studying sign language at MWCC, the college is considering ending that program. The college contends that fewer than half the students who enroll in the course complete it.

Sharp, who is seeking a seat on the JCCC Board of Trustees, told The Johnson County Sun that JCCC should “consider limiting or eliminating programs duplicated by area community colleges, not a specialty of the college, or suffer low or dwindling enrollment.”

Clearly, that is what MWCC is doing — and it’s creating panic among the program’s students and in the Deaf community.

In a strange twist, it seems that JCCC offers the only other comparable program in the area.  Good thing Sharp doesn’t have a seat on the JCCC Board of Trustees or else our students would be the ones facing the situation MWCC students face. Unfortunately, the deadline to enter JCCC’s  program was in February.

Although, I’m sure he already knows about the situation, I’ve just sent an e-mail to Darryl Luton who coordinates the Interpreter Training Program at JCCC.  Maybe he can facilitate a deadline extension for MWCC students.

Watch the WDAF report about MWCC: Decision to Ditch Sign Language Program Leaves Students in Lurch.

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40 Years of Diversity

The wall outside the JCCC Board of Trustee meeting room features photos of current and past presidents and trustees. Students, staff and faculty call it The Hall of Shame.  Watch the video to find out why.

Vote for Miguel Morales for JCCC Trustee April 7
Request Your Advanced Voting Ballot here.

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Advanced Voting Begins!

Vote Baby, Vote!

Advanced Voting Begins Today!

Request your Advanced Voting Ballot HERE!

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JCCC Candidate Forum

Today JCCC and the League of Women Voters of Johnson County sponsored a series of candidate forums for the spring 2009 elections.

This forum was set up differently than in the past. The logistics of securing all 10 trustee candidates on campus at one time and trying to coordinate questions and answers to us would have proved unsuccessful and demanding on the viewer. Instead, two candidates were paired up for a mini-forum. All five pairs were asked the same questions.

Well, After some confusion about the schedule and who was going to be paired with whom, Peter Jouras and I took the first position. Stephanie Sharp (who I kinda blasted in my last post) agreed to stay with her paired partner, Benjamin Hodge (whom I’ve also blasted). They took the second position.

But I have to say that it wasn’t really fair to Ben because Stephanie watched my segment as it was taped. Therefore, she knew the questions beforehand. I don’t know because if they told Ben or not, I had to get to work in the library.

I found myself anxious during my segment, not because I didn’t know what I was going to say but rather because serving the college as a trustee means so much to me. I’m discovering, it means a lot to students as well. This was my opportunity to speak for students and I wanted to do right by them.

JCCC will host the videos online beginning March 23. The college’s TV channel will air them beginning March 22.

The college channel is hosted on the following providers:

  • Time Warner of Overland Park (Ch 17)
  • Comcast of Olathe (Ch 22)
  • SureWest (Ch 17)

My segments will air on:

  • Sunday, March 22 and March 29 @ 1 pm
  • Tuesday, March 24 and March 31 @ 3 pm
  • Friday, March 27 and April 3 @ 5:30 pm
  • Saturday, March 28 and April 4 @ 12:30 pm

Read the entire schedule here

When the video goes live on JCCC’s video server, the will be link on my sidebar “CLICK HERE!”—>

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Sharp Tongue

Stephanie Sharp, former Kansas Legislator and JCCC Trustee Candidate, gave this answer to a question posed by VOTE OLATHE concerning non-English speakers in Johnson County:

“The non-English speaking community in Johnson County is the fastest growing demographic in the metro area. For the future health of our community, it should not be ignored. JCCC should craft programs to help bring non-native speakers into the workforce, navigate community and business structures, and become active, contributing members of society. If non-native speakers are pushed to the sidelines of our communities and economy, they will feel marginalized, which breeds discontent, resentment, and in some cases, revenge ...” [emphasis added]

Read the responses submitted by JCCC trustee candidates the questions posed by the Olathe Chamber of Commerce’s VOTE OLATHE project.


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Trustees previously considered Morales for board position

Last fall, the JCCC Board of Trustees selected me as a candidate to fill a vacancy on the board left by Virginia Krebs. Krebs was the college’s first employee and, being a woman, the college’s first minority employee.

The video provides insight into my previous work with and my intimate knowledge of the board along with my collegial interaction with the trustees and president. How many other trustee candidates can demonstrate this?


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