A Sharp Lesson for JCCC

Good thing Stephanie Sharp isn’t a trustee at Maple Woods Community College.

Like JCCC, Maple Woods Community College is facing budget cuts. Unfortunately for students studying sign language at MWCC, the college is considering ending that program. The college contends that fewer than half the students who enroll in the course complete it.

Sharp, who is seeking a seat on the JCCC Board of Trustees, told The Johnson County Sun that JCCC should “consider limiting or eliminating programs duplicated by area community colleges, not a specialty of the college, or suffer low or dwindling enrollment.”

Clearly, that is what MWCC is doing — and it’s creating panic among the program’s students and in the Deaf community.

In a strange twist, it seems that JCCC offers the only other comparable program in the area.  Good thing Sharp doesn’t have a seat on the JCCC Board of Trustees or else our students would be the ones facing the situation MWCC students face. Unfortunately, the deadline to enter JCCC’s  program was in February.

Although, I’m sure he already knows about the situation, I’ve just sent an e-mail to Darryl Luton who coordinates the Interpreter Training Program at JCCC.  Maybe he can facilitate a deadline extension for MWCC students.

Watch the WDAF report about MWCC: Decision to Ditch Sign Language Program Leaves Students in Lurch.


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