Sign of the Times?

I’ve been told it’s common for campaign signs to be stolen.

A former trustee told me that if your signs are stolen then you’re doing something right. However, the theft of my signs comes on on the heels of a disturbing incident that happened last week.

While I was putting out campaign signs, a SUV stopped in the middle of the street and a man watched me and my friend plant signs.

I didn’t really notice him but my friend froze and all he could say to me was for us to get in the car. I was saying silly stuff like, “You’re not the boss of me” but his reaction told me this was serious.

When I turned to walk my the car, I saw why my friend was so panicked. The guy who stopped was standing outside his vehicle. He was what I would call a skinhead. He had a shaved head, dark sunglasses and drove a large beat up SUV that seemed to be hand-painted in a camouflage pattern.

We quickly got in my car. As we drove away, the man got in his vehicle and followed us. He followed us for what seemed about 10 min. I made several turns and tried to stay on a main road but the guy kept following us. I eventually made a sudden left turn and he passed us. We pulled into a parking lot and just sat in silence. I wanted nothing more than to go home and hide. Instead, we grabbed more signs and planted them. We finished the day but our enthusiasm for what we were doing was gone. It was replaced by determination and, honestly, with some fear.

This didn’t happen in some rural part of Johnson County. It happened at College and Lackman road — a few miles down the road from the JCCC campus.

Now, I can’t say with certainly that this guy was going to harm us or that he was really even following us but that feeling in my gut said we needed to get far away from him.

So while the other trustee candidates and their supporters might find it useful to steal their opponent’s signs, it’s against the law. And like incident where the man who chased me down, I reported the stolen signs to the police.

If candidates and their supporters feel they have to break the law in order to win, then they certainly can’t be trusted to follow the law once in office.


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