Sharp Contrast

I’ll admit it. I don’t know what to make of Stephanie Sharp.

Sharp, a candidate for the JCCC Board of Trustees, sent out an e-mail rant blasting her opponents (of which I am one) for using yard signs.

“I’m frustrated (and you should be, too) that my tax dollars are being spent for city and county Public Works departments to pick up the graffiti that has become modern elections,” Sharp writes in an April 5 e-mail to her supporters. “In fact, it is perfectly OK to remove any sign from a right-of-way – you will be helping Public Works!”

From her brief stint in the Kansas Legislature (before resigning in the middle of her term), Sharp  knows candidates are responsible for removing their campaign signs and that most cities allow them 30 days to do so.

Stephanie Sharp's signs from her campaign for a seat in the Kansas Legislature. Sharp later resigned in the middle of her term. Sharp told her supporters she "fully intended to serve my last session... Guess I was wrong."

Sharp knows of this responsibility because she paid supporters to return her campaign signs back in 2006.

Sharp’s e-mail to her supporters is nothing more than an attempt to  manipulate her supporters into stealing her opponent’s campaign signs.

According to the Lenexa Police Department, in Sharp’s city of residence, campaign signs are deemed the property of the candidate. Sharp fails to tell her supporters that removing campaign signs by anyone other than the candidate (or his or her designee) or by a city official is considered theft. Believe me, I know. I’ve filed police reports for having my campaign signs stolen.

In a March 18 e-mail, Sharp reveals her true “frustration” at seeing so many of her opponents’ yard signs.

“Yard signs are SO expensive ($2.50 a pop at best) and for a county-wide race, I just didn’t think the cost, assembly, and distribution would get me the bang for the buck …,” Sharp writes in an e-mail to supporters.

She continues that frustration in her most April 5 e-mail.

“Many of you are asking about my yard signs because you see everyone else’s and not mine,” Sharp writes. “Maybe not doing yard signs was a gamble on my part …”

Sharp goes on to negate the impact of campaign signs.

“The only signs you should consider are those in people’s yards (between the house and the sidewalk),” she writes.

I guess that would include the campaign signage she’s using.

“You may have noticed some rather large ‘yard’ signs I have up around the county,” Sharp writes in her March 18 e-mail. “Two billboards went live in the last week. You can view them on southbound I-35 just after I-635 merges in and then on northbound I-35 just north of 151st Street. They’re very bright red and look like my old yard signs with the JCCC Trustee twist.”

I think yard signs aren’t the only thing you’re twisting, Steph.


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  1. Barry

    Best of luck today, sir! I’ll be glued to my results multimedia.