Infolist Update: Cost Cutting

Posted May 4 to the Johnson County Community College electronic mail server, Infolist:

A new Cost-Savings Idea link has been added to the JCCC home page,

To submit a savings suggestion, click on the link and complete the information. The information is forwarded daily to the president’s office.

In support of initiatives by the college’s Sustainability Committee and in order to maximize cost efficiencies, Document Services and Information Services will be modifying various default settings on all office copiers and laser printers that have the appropriate capabilities. These modifications will enable the college to consume less paper and energy, while significantly reducing the overall cost of printing.

Furthermore, the cost savings generated by the following device modifications will help to fund the increased costs of purchasing paper in support of the college’s sustainability efforts.

  1. The default will be set to duplexing (double-sided pages) in both copying and printing modes for those office devices that have duplex capability. As an example, the college purchases approximately 6 truckloads of paper each year for use in office copiers and printers all over the campus. It is conservatively estimated the college could reduce its consumption of this paper by 12 percent by switching to duplexing. Over the course of a year, that would translate to approximately 6,000 reams of paper and a savings of more than $15,000.
  2. Energy savings settings on copiers will be modified so they default to sleep mode if there is no activity for a period of 60 minutes. (The time for copiers to warm back up from sleep mode will be 30 seconds).

These changes will begin today with Unisource (the college’s vendor for the office copiers) visiting each copier location to adjust the settings. During this same timeframe, Information Services will modify the print settings for copiers and printers.

Please note that the capability will still exist to alter the duplex settings whenever single-sided documents are needed. Instructions for altering these default settings will be available beginning on today at: .

Thank you for your assistance as we implement this important sustainable and cost saving measure. Please contact the Help Desk with any questions or concerns regarding these changes.


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