JCCC Helpdesk Computer Hacked

24 Affected by Keylogging Software

Officials at Johnson County Community College announced that keylogging software has compromised a computer in the college’s Help Desk area.

The software compromised information for 13employees, 10 students and one consultant. All were notified of the  situation.

According to a message posted on the colleges electronic mail server, Infolist, the software was downloaded sometime last month.

In September 2003, The Campus Ledger reported multiple dowloads of keylogging software onto the Student Senate computer. In the article, students (including student senators) admitted to act.  

JCCC Relevant Policies:

319.01 Student Code of Conduct

510.00 Use of Communications Systems

Posted June 19 to the Johnson County Community College electronic mail server, Infolist:


     Johnson County Community College has discovered a problem with a computer in the college’s help desk area that has compromised information for 24 people. Only information that had been entered on that particular computer was compromised. The college’s database of student and personnel records was not touched.

     The college has contacted the 13 employees, 10 students and one consultant who were affected by the breach.

     The affected computer was connected to an outside line and used for testing outside access to college resources and assisting faculty, staff and students with technical problems. Sometime within the last month, a key logging application was downloaded to the machine. The program records all keystrokes entered into the computer. The college is continuing to investigate how this may have occurred.

     The affected computer has been removed from the outside line, and additional security measures have been put in place to safeguard against a reoccurrence of this type of issue. The college has also examined other campus computers and servers and did not find any others that were compromised.

     “We very much regret that this incident occurred and regard it with the utmost importance and sensitivity,” said Denise Moore, vice president and chief information officer at JCCC. “We take very seriously the protection of information regarding our students and employees and have taken steps to ensure this situation does not occur again.”


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