Last Week’s Top 5 JCCC Tweets

(as selected by me):

  1. shawmino: @paige89nicole i’m still going to jccc, but i finally got finaid out of the way, and i’m only 2 required classes away from graduating :)
  2. JCSID: The JCCC women’s basketball team finished 15th in the WBCA Top 20 honor roll with a GPA of 3.132.
  3. Bagyants: I love how one of the JCCC trustees is named Jon Stewart. It throws me off every time.
  4. fatcity: JCCC‘s Kelly Conwell wins best student chef in the country : Conwell in the foreground, cooking in front of fell.. (expand)
  5. okansas: Snapshot from today’s sprint orienteering at JCCC.


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