JCCC’s New Website Surprise

Rebranding of the Carlsen Center Moves Forward

Today Johnson County Community College‘s Web Publishing department released templates for the college’s upcoming redesigned site.

Template design by Nick Greenup

Template design by Nick Greenup

Three templates focusing on the Performing Arts Series (formerly known as the Carlsen Center Series) extend the college’s efforts to rebrand the Carlsen Center as the Performing Arts Center. The name shift began last year.

Initially known as the Cultural Education Center, the Board of Trustees renamed the building the Carlsen Center in 1998 after then president Charles Carlsen.

In 2006, Carlsen abruptly resigned following allegations published in the student newspaper that he unlawfully harassed female employees.

Since then, there has been discussion about removing Carlsen’s name from the building. Trustees and College President Terry Calaway have remained firmly in support of the building keeping the name of the former president. Yet the rebranding as the Performing Arts Center continues.

This spring, Trustees revised college policy implementing new procedures for naming college facilities for individuals.

Posted July 23 to the JCCC electronic mail server, Infolist:


With the 2009-2010 season, Johnson County Community College is initiating a new brand, referring to its schedule of world-class performing artists as “The Performing Arts Series” as a way to distinguish professional from academic performances, which are also offered in the Carlsen Center.

The Performing Arts Series is an umbrella term for the long-established Dance, Classics, Center Stage and Family series as well as Special Events that were formerly referred to as the Carlsen Center Series.

To view the 2009-2010 season, go to http://www.jccc.edu/home/depts.php/001440/site/toc_events.


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