Top 5 JCCC Tweets (July 19 – 25)

Top 5 JCCC Tweets(as selected by me)

  1. emigab: @returnofthejeni i am doing the chef apprenticeship program at johnson county community college!! *so excited*
  2. mackenziemiller: Am set for a busy day off, but thinking of researching branding tips to prepare for JCCC branding consultant opportunity.
  3. melodeebinkc: Power out in seven JCCC buildings (not mine, though.) KCPL says transmitter on Quivira is down; power could be restored by 1:30 p.m.
  4. Alex_Anderson_: attempting to finish this biology essay at JCCC, who knew that immune system disorders could be so boring….?
  5. MRObot: by the way, did anybody see the line of 20-30 dump trucks by JCCC today? The construction over there has made that place a real clusterfuck

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