Top 5 JCCC Tweets (July 26 – Aug 1)

Top 5 JCCC Tweets

(as selected by me)

  1. s_m_thompson: Wishing I had remembered my half bottle of gin in the bushes outside JCCC between buses. :/ What a gin evening it could be.
  2. Ariannax3: Over 5 hours at JCCC dealing with enrollment & money & whatnot. I think I deserve a nap. G’night~!
  3. Brittany_Elaine: Hey, JCCC? Please get a better system for handling enrollment/financial aid/EVERYTHING. Thank you.
  4. kcelrod: Just finished the “Start2Finish 5k” at JCCC. See
  5. melodeebinkc: JCCC‘s student newspaper wins a best of show award. Read more here: (expand)

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One response to “Top 5 JCCC Tweets (July 26 – Aug 1)

  1. brenda hamblin

    what the heck is going on – I just found out JCCC students have to fill out the state of kansas 2010 census adjustment, upon threat of losing enrollment status! which means I would not be allowed to enroll for classes or graduate next semester if I don’t fill it out. Watch out students. Its like the frog in the pot. Its all the “little” steps that are turning our country into a socialist society, and this is just one more being forced upon us. I think Glen Beck is going get a kick out of this one.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The law in question has been in effect since 1989. It was signed by then Gov. Mike Hayden — a Republican