JCCC Top Tweets – Enrollment Edition

Top 5 JCCC Tweets

(as selected by me)

  1. oceansunfish: Was so happy that we were starting on Mon this semester until saw finals start on a Thurs. Still screws up lab sched. Nice work JCCC.
  2. tolebooth: @Kasliah Hey!!! Thanks, you too! I’m drinking my coffee (at home) and then I have to go to JCCC to straighten some fin. aid bitches out!
  3. Kasliah: JCCC loved going there…but I think they are a bit “biased” u know? Good luck..some of the FA ppl are good up there tho.not all @tolebooth
  4. Kasliah: 1kid was complaining that his dad was making him pay for college b/c he was acting like a “spoiled monster!” LMAO gotta luv JCCC @tolebooth
  5. Chrisp3d: JCCC enrollment process sucks…looks like I have ANOTHER test to take….FAIL
  6. Winterwierdo: Is was a major bummer when i found out that we are taking classes total opsit days at jccc :( Idk that will get to see eachother then…
  7. pigeon_assassin: Fucking hell: JCCC wont give me in-state tuition b/c I haven’t been in KS for 6 mo. Upside: 11 credits at JCCC is cheaper than 1 at ASU.
  8. chillzary: Enjoy long-ass lines? Johnson county community college is the place for you!
  9. astillwell2009: just stood in line for 3 hours at JCCC to get my textbooks, that’s worse than disneyworld
  10. ccclea: Went to JCCC to take my tests, but they already closed at 6… CRAP. So we went to downtown and hit the dance spot instead.
  11. campusledger: #JCCC enrollment currently up 5.8 percent in headcount and 8.2 percent in credit hours, down from reported 20 percent earlier this summer.
  12. readteach: JCCC “helping students learn” event very good. Excited about new emphasis on campus!!
  13. misskenz1985: is up and at ’em… headed to JCCC to take a math test and meet with an advisor!! Then it’s time to enroll in classes… Yesssssss

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One response to “JCCC Top Tweets – Enrollment Edition

  1. kim5409

    they un-enrolled me from classes for paying 2 minutes late because the online system wouldn’t let me in for almost an hour….now all the classes are full and i’m screwed. I’m honestly in tears i’m so upset about this. I already bought the books and everything!!!!!