Top 5 JCCC Tweets (Aug 9 – 15)

Top 5 JCCC Tweets(as selected by me)

  1. mkevans: Picking up my Western Civ and Child Development textbooks from JCCC. Thankful I’m not paying for my college education.
  2. JCCCtweet: Jan-July 09, JCCC recycled 127,820 lbs of paper, cardboard and plastic – 40,900 more lbs than last yr – and raised $1200 for scholarships.
  3. campusledger: #JCCC reports first official H1N1 “swine” flu infection. More information coming Aug. 20 in the first @campusledger.
  4. campusledger: Protestors greet Rep. Dennis Moore in parking lot as he arrives at #JCCC for procurement conference.
  5. deafmaestro: @misskenz1985 Good lookin out, kid. I miss JCCC. Used to be the Van Wilder of JCCC. They gave me my own office I & didnt do shit. Good times


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