Mandatory Census for Kansas Students

Students at Johnson County Community College recieved a friendly reminder/warning via e-mail today: Fill out the state census or this will be your last semester at JCCC — at least this academic  year.

The college will not allow students to drop fall 2009 courses or to enroll in spring 2010 courses until they complete and return the state census form.

State law mandates that all students attending public and private colleges and universities complete the census.

“Every public or private university and college shall obtain from all enrolled students census information upon forms provided by the secretary of state,” the law reads.

The purpose of the census is to collect information for redistricting as noted in K.S.A. 11-301 – Census Data For Legislative And Congressional Redistricting.

The e-mail message sent to JCCC students:

The state of Kansas is requiring all students to complete a census form for the 2010 state census. You will not be able to enroll for spring 2010 or add/drop fall 2009 classes at JCCC until the ‘2010 Census Adjustment’ form is completed and returned.

You may obtain the census form online at You will also receive a copy of the form by mail.

Kansas law (K.S.A. 11-303) calls for a census every 10 years, which includes a census of students enrolled in state educational institutions. For purposes of representation in the state legislature, college students must be counted at their permanent residences. The 2010 federal census population figures will be adjusted based on students’ responses.

The form allows you to indicate your permanent residence, which is used for census purposes only. That may be different from your current residence. Your current residence is where you are living now. Your permanent residence is a fixed place that you intend to be your residence and to which you intend to return.

Residency information provided on this form will not affect your college mailing address, tuition, income tax rates or voting location. All information you provide will be kept confidential.

Please make sure that you indicate your JCCC student ID number on the form. That is the only way we will know to remove the hold from your student record to allow you to enroll.

Open enrollment for spring 2010 credit classes at JCCC begins Oct. 29, 2009. Please submit this form as soon as possible so your spring enrollment will not be delayed. To return the form to JCCC:

  • Mail it to JCCC, 12345 College Blvd., Overland Park, Kansas 66210.
  • Or return the form in person to the Student Success Center on the second floor of the Student Center

Your prompt attention to this matter is much appreciated.


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