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Top 5 JCCC Tweets (Jan. 10 – 16)

(as selected by me)

  1. daninipanini: So, a guy at Jccc had teeth sharper than mine, and he didn’t even file them!
  2. kamikazeemcee: The JCCC website is broken.I am disappoint.
  3. T2music: There is this girl in front off me bitching about being at jccc, she should just save her mommy and daddy. Ohhhhh I just figured out why
  4. JWestermayer: @ChanShelly yeah, flexibility is probably one of my favorite things about JCCC and it’s good that your meds are helping.
  5. schwiz: @xorpheous haha touche, you could always try to get JCCC to write it off as a teaching expense ;) I seem to remember a ps3 aquired that way

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