JCCC Tops KU as Undergrad Choice


Enrollment numbers at Johnson County Community College profess the college to be the largest undergraduate institution in Kansas. A Feb. 9 e-mail from Dennis Day, vice president of Student Services announced the unexpected shift.

Day also notes an enrollment increase in College Now, a college credit program for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Day’s e-mail:

“Final count for JCCC for fall 2009 (end of semester):

Headcount — 21,453 ( yes Virginia, we did breach the 21,000 mark)

University of Kansas fall 2009 numbers ( unofficial ) for undergraduate was 20,749; Fall 2008 was 20,811 and there was a .3% decrease in 2009. Total for KU all campuses, all levels 30,004 students. We are the largest higher education institution for undergraduates in the state of Kansas.

The final credit hours for the fall for JCCC as provided by IR was 158,451 credit hours. For spring as of today we are at 146,530 with about 1000 more College Now students enrolling at an average of 5 hours. We should be around the 153,000 by the end of spring. Summer will be around 40,000 for a total of 350,000+ credit hours for the year.”

Moments later, Terry Calaway, president of JCCC sent a congratulatory e-mail to the college’s top administrators and its board of trustees:

“Thanks to you all for your great work and that of your team members. Please share my personal thanks with each of them as well.. [sic]

As the largest undergraduate institution in Kansas, all of us at JCCC now we have great responsibility to work hard every day to keep every student here and help them achieve their educational goals.

Intentional connections around student success and retention are key.

Thanks for all that you do and for the work you carry out in making us the best of the best.”


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