JCCC Prez Halts Campus Projects

Via the college’s Budget Office:


JCCC President  Terry Calaway


As all of you are aware, we knew that the college would be facing budget challenges this year. By the end of 2008-2009, the state had cut the college’s revenues by 4.5 percent, and we prepared the 2009-2010 budget anticipating a 4 percent decrease in assessed valuation from the county and 13 percent decrease in funding from the state. The college’s 2009-2010 budget was $8.5 million less than our budget in 2008-2009. We hoped we had cut enough to see us through.

However, there’s still more we need to do. At the beginning of this fiscal year, we thought we would be able to save $3 million in salaries because of attrition, retirements and a soft freeze on hiring. Because we have not been able to do that, we still need to cut $2.2 million out of the current budget. Let me say first that we will not do that with layoffs. We intend to partially accomplish it by putting a spending hold on capital projects and equipment paid for out of the general fund and the capital outlay fund. Specifically, these are items listed in the budget in accounts 54030 and 54050 in the general fund and accounts 54020, 54030, 54050 and 54080 in the capital outlay fund.

If you had requested projects and items in these accounts that have not yet been purchased, their completion or procurement is now on hold. These items will be reviewed by myself, members of my cabinet and the budgeting and procurement office, and only those considered “mission critical” – those that are vital to the college’s mission of teaching and learning – will be approved. The rest will not be funded so that we can balance our budget. These decisions will be made over the course of the next few weeks, and you’ll be notified of your project’s or item’s status.

We appreciate your understanding as we take these steps in these challenging times. While it’s imperative that we keep an eye on our budget, it’s also important that we keep our eye on our mission – helping students achieve their goals. Our current budget challenges simply mean that we will find innovative ways to deliver our customary outstanding service to our students, in the classroom and out of it. Thank you for your dedication to JCCC and to our students as we make sure that learning comes first at JCCC.

Terry Calaway

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