The ODEI Wants You!

Diversity Office Seeks Mentors and Mentees for “Intentional Connections=Student Success”

A snapshot of the future for JCCC Intentional Connections=Student Success mentors and mentees

The JCCC Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) is accepting staff/faculty mentors and student mentees for a holistic program, Intentional Connections=Student Success. Intentional Connections addresses the unique needs of students from first step on campus until they walk across the stage as graduates.

Join the ODEI fan page on Facebook

Join the ODEI fan page on Facebook

Carmaletta Williams, JCCC’s executive director for diversity, equity and inclusion and creator of the new mentoring program, said Intentional Connections will create “safe webs” composed of faculty/staff and peer mentors, counselors, family and community connections around students. Intentional Connections will also emphasize academic reinforcements to help students through their educational journey. Research shows that affective reasons, rather than intellectual issues, are the primary reasons students are not successful.

The ODEI urges students to come find a staff or faculty mentor to help them achieve their goals. The ODEI also seeks JCCC staff and faculty to serve as mentors to students and help them earn their degrees.

To sign up as a mentor or a mentee or if you simply want to learn more about Intentional Connections=Student Success, contact Susan McGarvey in the ODEI office at or speak with the ODEI staff and the Diversity Fellows.

Miguel M. Morales is a student, employee and diversity fellow at JCCC


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