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JCCC Foundation President, Sandy Price, at the Foundation's Dollars for Scholars fundraiser held each year at the Ritz Charles in Overland Park, Kan. The new venue Kris Kobach has secured for an anti-immigration rally.

Should the Ritz Charles host Kobach’s anti-immigration rally, I don’t know that I could attend another Dollars for Scholars event there. JCCC’s event works to help students while Kobach’s event works to hurt them.

I just wouldn’t be able to set foot there again knowing they supported his poison.

This week, University President Edwin Robinson refused to allow the event on its campus. He said discussion on websites, as well as emails he received, made him worry about the safety of the campus and staff as well as the school’s reputation as an impartial place for public discussion.

“I don’t mind a clash of ideology, but the rhetoric on both sides was escalating to the point that I was concerned,” Robinson said today. “(The event) was taking on a dimension that was larger than a place of discourse.”

When the university agreed to it, the event was presented to university staff as a “forum on immigration,” Robinson said. He became uncomfortable with the resulting titles as an “Immigration Law Enforcement Rally” and the “Illegal Means Illegal” rally.

“Honestly, the appearance of the controversial Sheriff from Arizona just added fuel to the fire,” he said.

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