JCCC’s Forgotten Student Spaces

I have to take issue with the vice president of Student Services’ comment at the end of the article (below) that suggests student clubs never had a space on campus. This is not entirely accurate — and he knows it.

Clubs and Orgs used to share an office with the Honors Program in COM 200. In 2003, Clubs and Orgs moved into the Student Senate office in COM 260. When the Center for Student Involvement opened in 2008, many clubs were offered office and meeting spaces there. When the Multicultural Center opened in 2009, it also began offering it’s meeting space to student clubs.

The Campus Ledger archives reveal several student spaces once existed on campus only to be reclaimed as administrative space.

So if the vice president of Student Services wants to showcase the new student spaces, perhaps he should remind people that it was the administration that took those spaces away in the first place.

JCCC classes start with more students seeking aid

The Kansas City Star

Students returned today to the 234-acre campus of the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park after taking part of the summer off.

College officials said enrollment grew 7 percent a year ago with an increase expected this fall of about 2 percent. They anticipate a total enrollment of approximately 21,000 full-time and part-time students. An official count won’t be known until Sept. 20.

“Things are slowing down a little bit,” said Dennis Day, JCCC’s vice president of student services.

One area that isn’t slowing down is applications for student financial aid.

Day said that over the last two years the college has seen an explosion in the need for such aid, a result of the current economy.

“We have doubled the number of students that have asked for financial aid,” said. “It’s amazing the need students have right now for aid.”

He said the amount of money available for aid has increased about 80 percent this year.

A new feature this fall is the student engagement area on the third floor of the Commons Building.

Day said the area give students the opportunity to relax. It also can be used for study groups.

“We’re really excited about this because it provides students with an opportunity they haven’t had before on campus,” he said.

The third floor also provides a new area for student club and organizations. Day said they haven’t had an office before on campus.

“What we’re trying to do is encourage student involvement on campus outside the classroom,” he added.

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