Drummond’s Nonprofit Profit part 2


Walking on the Ledge

JCCC Trustee Bob Drummond

JCCC Trustee Bob Drummond

Today I attended the second in a series of four seminars at JCCC focusing on the Johnson County Latino population.

This session, presented by El Centro, Inc., examined Latinos in higher education.

The seminars were created so JCCC to might learn how to recruit Latino students and market to the Latino community.

When the session started, the facilitators asked those present to introduce themselves and state their connections to the college.

As we went around the room one person said she was the “odd duck” since she had no connection to the college. I thought it strange since the training was for JCCC staff and faculty. The woman explained she is associated with TLC for Children & Families, a nonprofit organization in Olathe, Kan.

Those present may not have known but JCCC Trustee Bob Drummond serves as president and CEO of TLC for Children & Families.

This isn’t the first time that Drummond’s organization has found itself connected to the college.  In 2009, when Drummond ran for a seat on JCCC’s Board of Trustees, he used his nonprofit organization’s email as his campaign email address, an act that violated the IRS’ guidelines for nonprofit organizations. 

It could be a coincidence that someone associated with Drummond’s organization happened to wander onto campus and into a training session and that she simply decided to stay when no one raised an objection.

However, given that this is the second time Drummond’s organization has slid under the JCCC radar, I find this coincidence unlikely.

It would be different if, from the start, the sessions were open to nonprofit organizations — but they weren’t. I can only agree with the perception that an organization that employs a JCCC trustee is receiving training paid for by the college.

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Full disclosure: I was also a candidate for the JCCC Board of Trustees in the 2009. Unfortunately for JCCC, I did not garner enough votes to secure a seat on the board.


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