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Trustee Perilla Proposes TV Broadcasts

The Kansas City Star – Friday, July 7, 1995

JCCC looks to put its trustees on TV

Televising meetings suggested as a way to help inform public.


It looks as if trustees at Johnson County Community College will begin televising their board meetings on an experimental basis.

Trustees agreed Thursday to decide on July 20, when they expect to receive more information from their staff on the logistics.

The idea for the broadcasts came from newly elected trustee Elaine Perilla, who participated in her first meeting Thursday.

Perilla thinks the telecasts will help the public better understand what goes on at the college. Continue reading


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JCCC: No More Board Videos

Board of trustees meetings no longer televised

Last night’s board of trustee meeting was the last one that will be televised for a while. Instead, audio recordings of future meetings will be available online. The college will save several thousand dollars by taking this step. We’re still working on the details for posting the audio recordings; information will be available before the next board meeting on Feb. 17.

Posted to the JCCC electronic mail server, Infolist

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JCCC Prez: Outsourcing, Layoffs

A Message from Dr. Calaway about the budget

Jan. 27, 2011

Dear Colleagues:

The past few years have presented budget challenges unique in JCCC’s history. Until now we’ve weathered the economic downturn without much change in programs or operations. But we have now reached the point where that is no longer possible. As I told the board at tonight’s meeting, we need to institute changes – some immediate, some for next fiscal year – to reduce our expenditures.

JCCC’s senior leadership has been discussing the college’s programs and operations since December, looking at them not from the standpoint of what we can cut, but rather as to what are our priorities. The college’s strategic plan spells out what is important to us in terms of goals and initiatives – student success, culture and environment, community leadership and continuous quality improvement. (You can revisit JCCC’s plan at ) We wanted to connect the college’s budget to our strategic priorities, so that we strongly support those programs that are at the core of our mission and start to phase out those that may not be the priorities they once were.

JCCC has the resources to do what we feel is most important. But we no longer will have the resources to support every single endeavor that we have in the past. Continue reading

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Why I’m not running for JCCC Trustee

Walking on the Ledge

2009 Campaign

photo by Nathan Lang

I owe you an explanation

Several people have been asking me why I am not running for a seat on the JCCC Board of Trustees this election cycle.

After all, I was on the short list to fill the seat vacated by Virginia Krebs, the colleges’ first employee. When that seat went to a former JCCC instructor, I filed to run for one of four open seats on the board in spring 2009. Despite not having secured a seat, I vowed to my supporters to run again in the next election, which made a few people nervous.

So, why then, will my name not appear on the ballot this spring?

The answer is simple: I’m not done yet. Continue reading

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Why does JCCC needs a diversity office?

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Another reason JCCC needs a social media policy!/RealHenryNoth/statuses/28521088556212224

I get it. You hate this place but sending out threatening messages like that one will get you either suspended or arrested — hopefully both.


UPDATE: the situation has been addressed.

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Another Teachable Moment at JCCC

This unfortunate situation for JCCC Trustee Stephanie Sharp could be just what JCCC needs.

The college would be wise to highlight all the resources at hand to help job seekers using Sharp as “everyman” (well, everywoman … everyperson?).

And frankly, with the beating JCCC has been taking in the press, letting the campus community see the humanity of a trustee could go a long way — especially with trustee elections coming up in April.

My advice to JCCC and Trustee Sharp is to embrace this opportunity to reconnect with the campus community and create a teachable moment not just for students but for everyone.

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