The Final Revolution: Hodge isn’t for JCCC

Earlier this month a conservative student at JCCC contacted me on facebook about JCCC trustee candidate Benjamin Hodge:

“I’m trying to take down Ben Hodge. I need your help. Please don’t let the fact that I’m a conservative, and you’re not put boundries between us. You don’t like Ben Hodge, I don’t like Ben Hodge. I don’t want him back on the board of Trustees. I have a blog site, which Ben discovered today. He messaged me claiming to ‘take me down’ should I not retract the article with a public apology. WE CAN DO THIS. We can both agree Ben Hodge is not for the JCCC Board. Left vs. Right aside, I like what you have to write, especially about Ben. From a conservative, for a liberal you could fool me. You keep things fair and unbaised. I hope you can help me keep Hodge out of JCCC.”

My response:

“the first thing that popped into my head was that this is a set up. But then I realized that saying I don’t like ben hodge isn’t really something that I have to be tricked into revealing and I’ve said it on many occasions so it’s not much of a set up.

the second thing is that I found it ironic that ben always blasts the college lawyer for sending him emails to cease and desist whenever he “goes public” with information about JCCC yet here he is telling you that he will take you down if you don’t acquiesce to his demands to “cease and desist.”

Also ben wants to frame himself as the defender of the first amendment. If he’s willing to make these threats now — especially to a student — what will he do when he gets on the board?

What would happen to any other politician who made a similar demand of a blogger?

If this happened to me, I’d take a page out of ben’s book and post the email threat (or whatever it was) on my blog. That’s what he does with those emails from the college lawyer.

I wouldn’t post the link on any of the college’s facebook pages because they will delete them. They can’t allow themselves to be pulled into anything that seems like endorsing or opposing any candidate. I’d do what you are doing now which is trying to contact as many people who would be willing to at least read your blog post.

Also on Wednesday the board candidates are going to meet of a debate. You might show up and if there is an opportunity to ask a question, go for it.” [Hodge did not attend the trustee forum]

Here is his blog posting with a link:

Benjamin Hodge

Ah, it’s that time of year again.  The rain is falling, the grass is turning green, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and Ben Hodge is still looking for his constantly-needed “15 Minutes of Fame”.

Ben Hodge (R-OP), is at it again.  Hodge continues to run for office, one of which I, as a student at Johnson County Community College, am concerned about.  You see, Hodge is running for the JCCC Board of Trustees, a group of individuals who make almost all of the critical decisions about MY school.

In the past, the JCCC Board of Trustees have made decisions to raise tuition, build new buildings, add or drop classes from the curriculum, add or drop programs from the curriculum, hire or fire faculty, etc.  Hodge has been a member of the Board of Trustees before, but like the current incumbants, who are running for office, Don Weiss and John Stewart, Hodge has voted in favor of much of the college’s prior expendetures, most of which raised tuition in 2008, changed the college’s policy regarding late signups for classes, the college’s add/drop policy regarding classes, etc.  In fact, in the past the only thing Hodge did that could even be considered remarkable was fighting to keep the College’s Board Meetings open to the public and to expose the corrupt budget as promoted and approved by JCCC President Terry Calloway, but Hodge’s reasons, and proved by Calloway and former and current Trustees, were to seperate himself from the guilty party, of which he rightfully belonged.  In fact Hodge voted for many of the excessive expendetures that he called corrupt.

Hodge also prides himself on bringing the 2009 Tax Day Tea Party and Fair Tax to the JCCC Campus on April 15, 2009.  The truth is, Hodge had nothing to do with the Tax Day Tea Party, and it wasn’t until I told him about it that he found out and decided he wanted to come.  The truth regarding how the JCCC Tax Day Tea Party came about starts with a meeting between myself, Fair Tax representative Doug Frederickson, and his wife and JCCC Staff member, Lisa Frederickson.  They came to me, because I was the Founder and President of the JCCC College Republicans, and without as student organization to sponsor their event, they wouldn’t have had use of Yardley Hall to provide their Fair Tax exposition.  Fair Tax then got together with Amanda Grossrode, now a Kansas Representative, to plan the Tea Party Rally on the sidewalks at the corner of Quivira and College Blvd.  Amanda corrosponded with conservative-journalist Michelle Malkin, and Darla Jaye of 980 KMBZ, a local radio station in Kansas City.  The event, which was only supposed to contain around 200 total individuals, played host to over 15 thousand people.  Once Hodge saw this, he went on air, live from JCCC with Darla Jaye, boasting how it was his idea and doing.  I’m not one to take sole credit, but Hodge is.  This is just one of his many qualities that disgust me.

In 2008, during the Presidential Election year, Hodge, then serving at a member of the JCCC Board of Trustees and the state of Kansas as a Representative, spent most of his times writing blogs against Candidate Obama, mainly on his attendence record and his voting record in the Illinois Senate.  This is hilarious once you realize that Hodge was present less times in the Kansas House that Obama was in the Illinois Senate, and Hodge also only voted “PRESENT” while on his rare visits to the state capitol.  Hodge’s attendence record while serving the JCCC Board of Trustees, like his State House attendence record, is an extremely glowing ray of sunshine on the horizon…NOT!  Hodge was rarely present at board meetings and only showed up when he felt he could gain the attention of local media sources.  Should Hodge have held a job in any other business than politics, he would have been fired.  It’s a wonder Hodge ever recieved a collegiate degree.

Hodge is neither a conservative nor is he a liberal.  He’s your typical politician, yearning to be elected, saying whatever the taxpayers want him to just to gain power.  Why should we elect an individual who will barely fight for the taxpayers, a morsal of a man who will rarely show up for the fight, spend taxpayer dollars, and think only of himself.  Politics, in it’s rightful presence, is a service industry.  Mr. Hodge thiks it’s a serve-me industry.  He would be wrong.  I’ve known Ben for three years, and in those three years, I’ve seen no change, except in his political status of power.  DON’T VOTE FOR BEN HODGE.

Have you “Ben Hodged” today?

-Alex Abramovitz

via The Final Revolution.


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