Hodge’s JCCC Endorsement Carnival

Musil JCCC

A week after JCCC Trustee candidate Benjamin Hodge’s much discussed meltdown at an Olathe Republican Party meeting, Anne Hodgdon, an active leader in the Kansas Republican party, sent an email describing a movement by Republicans to denounce Hodge and retract endorsements of his campaign by prominent party leaders.

She said Hodge’s venomous attack on Sen.] Julia Lynn came after Hodge learned Lynn’s name appeared among several supporters on JCCC Trustee candidate Greg Musil’s postcard [pictured above]. Musil is one of nine candidates running for three seats on the JCCC Board of Trustees.

“After his speech, as [Hodge] was walking away and back into the crowd, Julia put her arm out to shake hands with him, showing much dignity, I think,” Hodgdon wrote. “Instead of shaking hands, he smacked her hand away in a gesture to indicate he didn’t want to shake hands.”

Hodgdeon listed some of those who have withdrawn support of Hodge including: Darla Jaye, Kansans for Life PAC, Currie Myers, Rep. Mike Kiegerl, and the NW Johnson County Republican PAC.

However the next day Hodge tweeted that Kiegerl indeed supported his campaign.



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