Darla Jaye Wants JCCC Unendorsement Post Deleted

Hodge’s trustee campaign faces transparency issue

Darla Jaye

KMBZ radio host Darla Jaye contends an email containing her message to Benjamin Hodge rescinding her endorsement was not meant for the public eye. Now that she has re-endorsed Hodge, she wants it removed.

This is a Facebook messages Darla Jaye sent me:

Darla Jaye April 3 at 6:43pm

Hi Miguel,

Just so you know, I was extemely [sic] upset that Anne Hodgdon gave you my email, and that it is still posted on your blog. Many of the people in that email thread were not asked if they wanted any of the email thread posted online with their names on it, and were extemely [sic] upset that it was on your page.

When I gave Anne permission to share it, I meant within the group that were emailing about the issue at hand. I did NOT give her permission to give my private email to you, or to post it online.

I sent Anne a message immediately after reading your blog, and asked her to ask you to remove it. I take it she hasn’t. I would imagine that other people on that list asked her as well.

I am personally asking you to please remove that email thread from your blog, and hope you will respect my wishes, whether you agree with my recent decision or not.

I do wish you the best.


Darla Jaye

My response:

Miguel Morales April 3 at 11:54pm


Thank you for sharing your concerns. I’ve spent the evening thinking about the ethics and ramifications of posting what you contend was a private conversation between several individuals.

Whether there was a miscommunication between you and Anne Hodgdon about who should receive the email containing your message to Ben with is best left for the two of you to resolve.

I’ll add that none of the other individuals in the post have voice their concerns to me about it nor have they asked me to remove it.

My decision to keep the post stems from two of Benjamin Hodge’s campaign issues: 1) Transparency and 2) Freedom of Speech.

I’m sure you’ll understand that any efforts by Hodge or his supporters to keep crucial information about his campaign from voters might appear to be hypocritical. At the very least, it would undercut his campaign’s credibility and bring into question his legitimacy as a candidate and the integrity of those who have publicly endorsed him.

What I will do is add a disclaimer to the post noting that you asked me to remove it as you thought the message was meant for a select few.



READ the updated post here.


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