Christo’s JCCC connection

I was beginning to think this video was a JCCC urban legend.

Thanks to Dan Coulter, a former JCCC employee and the writer, producer and director of the video, we can see the legendary 1978 Christo installation “Wrapped Walk Ways.”

The video is full of awesome! It’s has really nice moments like an orchestra playing the Star Wars end theme for visitors; the woman who says if this is art, then she’s Venus; and, of course, all that sweet 1970s fashion.

Though it’s not mentioned in the video, those around campus assert that several JCCC students served as volunteers for the installation.

Read the article, “Student works with Christo,”  in The Campus Ledger archives.

Read more about the installation on Christo’s website.

"Wrapped Walk Ways" - Christo


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