JCCC Board of Trustees Video – April

Students in JCCC’s Advanced Broadcasting II and III classes began recording the board’s monthly meeting in April. The students stepped up when trustees voted to discontinue recording and broadcasting their meetings in January citing the cost, $40,000, to be too expensive.

Individuals who routinely watched the board meetings live or on JCCC’s video server the next day will have to learn to live with the 2-week delay from recording to webcasting. The students must edit, add name and title keys, etc. For those who need the info faster, JCCC continues to provide next day audio followed a few days later with a written transcript of the meeting.

Q: Now that students have stepped up to save JCCC from a PR nightmare, how will they continue to record and webcast the board meetings that take  place during the summer when the college doesn’t offer broadcast journalism courses?


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