JCCC Take Sides in Cola War

Coke machine in the JCCC Billington Library. June 1 Coke products will no longer be available on campus.

UPDATE May 20: The C-store does not carry Coke products. However, the food court has Coke products available as fountain drinks — for now.

UPDATE May 19: JCCC’s C-Store will carry limited Coke products.

Starting June 1, Coca-Cola products will no longer be available at JCCC.

At the May 19 Board of Trustee meeting, trustees are expected to approve a contract granting Pepsi Beverages Company exclusive rights to JCCC’s Dining Services.

According to board packet, three vendors submitted bids – 7Up Bottling Company, Coca-Cola Refreshments, and Pepsi Beverage Company.

However, the  three vendors bids are not listed in the packet as is the usual procedure — a procedure that allows the public to see if the selected bid is, indeed, the lowest. Instead, the packet provides an estimate saying the cost of providing beverage service cannot exceed $200,000.

JCCC’s contract with Pepsi will extend to all Dining Services areas including the food court, Java Jazz, Encore Espresso, Cafe Tempo, Down Under, the C-Store, JCCC Bookstore, catering services and to all beverage vending machines.

According to the Vending Services webpage, JCCC has 21 Coca-Cola vending machines. Many of them, including the one near the east entrance of the Billington Library, have been deactivated or have been sparsely stocked with Coke products for several weeks. With Coke products leaving campus, so will these vending machines.

JCCC may choose to renew Pepsi’s contract each year for four years meaning that Coke Zero isn’t just the name of a competing beverage — its’ also the score.

Coke bid fizzles

Annual Contract for Beverages from the May 19, 2011 JCCC Board of Trustees packet.


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