NCORE: Day 2 – Who tha ish?

Today’s sessions were good but not stellar — at least the ones I attended. As I suffered through them I thought, I could lead this session a lot better.

Clearly, I’m tha ish — for realz.

Between sessions, I ran into a few people from the last NCORE conference and some participants from yesterday’s Digital Storytelling session. They recognized my wisdom and praised me. You know, because I’m kind of a big deal.

How do I do it, you ask? How do manage the magnificence that is Miguel? I do it for you — all the people who adore me and who wish to be more like me. You see, without you, I couldn’t be me. And a world where Miguel can’t be Miguel would be so unfulfilling — for you.

After the opening reception, I walked into the ballroom where the NCORE Talent Showcase was to be held. I sat in the back and pulled up a few poems on my mobile phone. Undoubtedly there’d be  a point in the showcase where members of the audience would be invited to take the stage. It would’ve been rude of me not to share a few of my poems.

What? I missed the call for entertainers? When did this happen? Months ago? Hmm … it’s your loss.

No, seriously, it is.

The first few acts featured “poets.”

Ah, that was cute.

Oh, that’s a nice one.

Hey. That one is pretty good.

Hmm … I actually like that one.

Then Micheal Reyes came to the stage and did his improv poem.

I wish I could’ve seen my face when it got wrecked cuz it got wrecked hard.

As I rose with the audience to give him an ovation, I realized I’d been acting like a jerk all day — and probably a lot longer than that. I realized that everyone at this conference is, well, tha ish.

He followed the improv poem with this poem (below) but I didn’t hear it all because I was still thinking.

I thought of the sessions I sat in and how it showed on my face that I could do it better. I thought about the people I spoke with in the halls who endured my attitude and still kindly asked for my card. I thought of all the performers who took the stage wanting to share their talents and how I just sat there enjoying their mistakes. And I felt ashamed.

I apologize.


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