Image of Alleged JCCC Kidnapper

JCCC Security Camera

JCCC Releases Image of Suspected Kidnapper

JCCC released an image from one of its security cameras in the Parking Garage at Galileo’s Garden (PGGG) of the person believed to be the alleged kidnapper.

If you have any information, please call 913.469.8500 ext 4112

Kidnapping location

The Parking Garage at Galileo's Garden

The Parking Garage at Galileo’s Garden (PGGG) is located on the southeast side of campus. The multilevel structure was built in 2004. It sits in the center of several campus parking lots.

Seven Emergency Phones are associated with the PGGG location with 4 of them inside the garage. The suspect in the photo released by JCCC is taken next to one of the emergency phones.


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