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Aisha Khan’s Family to Donate $10,000 Reward

$10K Reward

A statement released today by the Khan family:

We would like to express our utmost gratitude for all the support, help, and prayers we received during this past week. To our neighbors; to the hundreds of volunteers who dedicated their time towards the search efforts; to the online community who helped spread awareness of her story and prayed for her; and to all local and national media outlets for keeping her story alive; we extend our heartfelt appreciation. Last but not least, we are tremendously grateful to the Overland Park Police Department who put in hundreds of hours into finding Aisha safely.

The last few days have been very difficult for the Khan family, especially Aisha. We are deeply thankful that our prayers were answered and that she was found safe and unharmed. The family is dedicated to giving Aisha the unconditional love, support, time, and whatever other tools she needs to work through these trying times.

This is a difficult period for Aisha and the family, so we ask for compassion and privacy as we remain committed to healing. We will be making no further statements on this matter as we hope you recognize this very public matter has now become a private family matter. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The family will be donating the $10,000 reward offered during her search. $5,000 will be donated to the Overland Park Police Department or a related law enforcement charity, and the remaining half will be given to other charitable organizations.

via Help Find Aisha Khan.

Aisha Khan’s family made a plea tot he public when she disappeared last Friday and the public responded. They invested time, energy, emotion into the search for Aisha. Now to be told it’s a “private matter” is a bit insulting to the thousands of friends, volunteers, non-profit organizations, journalists, and other professionals who all took time out of their lives to help #FindAisha.

Clearly, Aisha and her family aren’t legally obligated to share the details but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a moral obligation to help the rest of us — and maybe themselves — deal with how this situation was abruptly resolved.

The Khan family says it needs to heal, well, so do we.

If we don’t heal together, what happens when the next Aisha Khan goes missing?


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Aisha Khan Still Has Not Contacted Family

Search for Information Begins

Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan

A week after disappearing from KU Edwards campus and two days after being found alive, reports say Aisha Khan has still not made contact with her family.

Information about Khan’s disappearance is coming forth slowly. Police will not file charges against Khan because, technically, she did not falsely report herself as the victim of an abduction.  According to recent information, law enforcement tracked down Khan electronically.

During the search phase, organizers worked to keep clear of speculation on Khan’s disappearance in a desire to keep energy focused on finding the 19 year-old JCCC student. Now that Khan is reportedly safe, many of her supporters are left to speculate her reason for disappearance  since Khan and her family have yet to offer details.

Watch News Reports on the #FindAisha playlist

The post on OPPD police chief’s blog, Just the Facts.

I know there are probably a lot of unanswered questions regarding Aisha Khan. The most important fact for us all to remember is that she is safe. Everything else is now a personal family matter and we respect their privacy. Law enforcement officials were able to find, identify, and verify last night that she was not abducted and that no crime occurred. I want to thank everyone who dedicated their time and effort to this case. In the end, one that was missing has now been found.

The entire message posted on the Help Find Aisha Khan Facebook page:

The Khan family is ecstatic. Their daughter is ALIVE and safe. I cannot begin to express how much of an honor it has been getting to know them, even if it were a tragic event that brought us together. Isn’t that what humanity is? Caring, helping, giving selflessly to our brothers and sisters ESPECIALLY in time of grief? Our prayers that she would be located safely, regardless of background, havebeen answered.

I witnessed something beautiful this past week. Our community -local, national and global- setting aside all differences and banding together as one for something. It was truly what kept everyone motivated and positive throughout the whole ordeal. I received phone calls from people I’ve admired my whole life asking ME how they could help with efforts. I also received calls and emails from priests, rabbis and imams across the nation letting us know that they are all praying for Aisha. It was absolutely beyond inspiring.

Please, let us not forget what we have gained from this. We are at times vicious beings that are so quick to be critical and judgmental of others and this is certainly not a time to allow anything to dissolve this new-found global community, ESPECIALLY when the full story has yet to be announced.

Aisha brought us together. All efforts, all sleepless nights and exhaustion was worth it. Why? Because we found her, and she is alive and NOT DEAD.

Sincerest “thank you” to everyone for your selfless efforts. It has not gone unnoticed and each and every one of you was extremely crucial toward this goal. So proud of you all. Thank you

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BREAKING NEWS: Missing JCCC Student Aisha Khan Found Alive

A missing 19-year-old Olathe woman was found safe Wednesday afternoon.

Aisha Khan, a student at Johnson County Community College, disappeared on Friday, Dec. 16.

According to Overland Park police, officers made contact with her Wednesday afternoon.

She was not abducted or held against her will. Police said there is no criminal investigation.

via Missing college student Aisha Khan found safe – – Kansas City.

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Speculation and Support for Missing JCCC Student Aisha Khan

#FindAisha Day 5: 

Aisha Khan and her last known location.

Aisha Khan and her last known location: outdoor study area at the University of Kansas' Edwards Campus

Today there was another organized search for Aisha Khan who has been missing since December 16.

A message on the Help Find Aisha Khan facebook page served to help coordinate the search. Yet it also expressed concerns about letting speculation detract from the search for the missing Johnson County Community College student.

“Please meet at the Clarion Hotel on 7000 W 108th St (next to the Metcalf 435 overpass) in Overland Park at 1PM,” the message read.

“Also, as stated before, there will be absolutely no speculation, accusation or negative comments tolerated on this page,” the message continued. “It was made strictly to mobilize people in this effort to find Aisha and to garner positivity for the Khan family.

“All negative comments will be deleted and commenters will be banned from the page. Please, let’s remember that we need positivity more than anything at the moment. Thank You.”

Speculation has also been at play in the coverage of Aisha by the media as presented in the segment on Nancy Grace:

Relative says missing college student was not in “forced” marriage

The cousin of a Kansas college student who vanished last Friday said that she was not “forced” into her marriage earlier this year.

“They’ve always liked each other and there was no forced marriage here,” Farouk Sheikh told HLN’s Nancy Grace on Wednesday.

via Relative says missing college student was not in “forced” marriage – Nancy Grace – Blogs.

The Facebook page administrator has urged it’s 29,000 supporters to focus on ways of expanding the search and keeping Aisha in the news.

“We have people coming in and out to pick up the new fliers that we are distributing at key locations,” the message read. “Please come to the Clarion Hotel located at 7000 W 108th St (next to the Metcalf 435 overpass) in Overland Park to pick up a stack of fliers plus get assigned a distribution area. We ask for the help of anyone and everyone who is available.”

In addition to flier distribution, the organizers of the search made a plea for needed supplies including: ponchos, gloves, umbrellas, flashlights, staplers, tape, tacks, paper, pencils.

“Anything that you might think we would need would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”


Watch News Reports on the #FindAisha playlist

If you know of a video not on the list, let me know and I’ll add it.


Support the search for Aisha:

Twitter: #FindAisha

Facebook: Help Find Aisha Khan

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#FindAisha Day 4: Video Playlist of Missing JCCC Student Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan’s story is making its way into the national media. Family members and their supporters have done an excellent job of taking this to a national level. The more I hear people talk about Aisha, the more I learn how active and well-respected her family is in the community.

This was evidenced by a woman who came into the Billington Library today. She regularly studied with Aisha and Aisha’s friends in the JCCC library. The woman said she just wanted to come back to the place where she met Aisha.

Kelsey Smith’s Family Supports Aisha Khan’s 

Greg Smith is a former security officer at JCCC. His daughter, Kelsey was abducted and murdered. Read about Kelsey Smith and Kelsey’s Army


Nancy Grace Segment Focusing on Aisha

Grace spares no sensationalism but right now the family needs to keep Aisha in the news, even if it means appearing on Grace’s show.


Watch News Reports on the #FindAisha playlist

If you know of a video not on the list, let me know and I’ll add it.


Support the search for Aisha:

Twitter: #FindAisha

Facebook: Help Find Aisha Khan

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Student Who Filed Lawsuit Against JCCC Speaks – Part 1

Walking on the Ledge

Spring Forward

Marcus Clem, former copy editor for The Campus Ledger at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kan., tells how an open records request led to a lawsuit against the college.

In part one of this interview, Clem discusses the events of spring 2011 and how he became involved in a story focusing on the college’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI).

Editor’s Note: Miguel M. Morales served JCCC as a Diversity Fellow from fall 2009 – fall 2011 and is a former staff member of The Campus Ledger.

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Police Press Conference Focuses on Missing JCCC Student



Overland Park Police department held a 3 pm press conference to discuss the disappearance of Aisha Khan, a Johnson County Community College student who has been missing since Friday.

Chief John Douglas said there is no evidence that Aishsa’s disappearance is an abduction. He also said there is no evidence that Aisha left on her own. Right now they are not ruling anything out.

Construction workers working last Friday at the University of Kansas’ Edwards Campus, where Aisha disappeared, reported seeing someone who looked like the victim walking away from the area. Aisha was taking classes that met on KU’s Edwards Campus.

Aisha’s parents addressed the media asking for the safe return of their daughter and to be kept in everyone’s prayers.

Douglas said  four FBI agents have joined the investigation logging more than 400 hours on the case so far.

He added that Aisha’s husband is not considered a suspect nor have there been reports of suspicious vehicles in the area. Investigators are analyzing the voice message she left for clues.

“One of our own is missing,” Douglas said. “In case she’s in trouble, we want to find her.”  Continue reading

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