#FindAisha Day 4: Video Playlist of Missing JCCC Student Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan’s story is making its way into the national media. Family members and their supporters have done an excellent job of taking this to a national level. The more I hear people talk about Aisha, the more I learn how active and well-respected her family is in the community.

This was evidenced by a woman who came into the Billington Library today. She regularly studied with Aisha and Aisha’s friends in the JCCC library. The woman said she just wanted to come back to the place where she met Aisha.

Kelsey Smith’s Family Supports Aisha Khan’s 

Greg Smith is a former security officer at JCCC. His daughter, Kelsey was abducted and murdered. Read about Kelsey Smith and Kelsey’s Army


Nancy Grace Segment Focusing on Aisha

Grace spares no sensationalism but right now the family needs to keep Aisha in the news, even if it means appearing on Grace’s show.


Watch News Reports on the #FindAisha playlist

If you know of a video not on the list, let me know and I’ll add it.


Support the search for Aisha:

Twitter: #FindAisha

Facebook: Help Find Aisha Khan


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