Aisha Khan Still Has Not Contacted Family

Search for Information Begins

Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan

A week after disappearing from KU Edwards campus and two days after being found alive, reports say Aisha Khan has still not made contact with her family.

Information about Khan’s disappearance is coming forth slowly. Police will not file charges against Khan because, technically, she did not falsely report herself as the victim of an abduction.  According to recent information, law enforcement tracked down Khan electronically.

During the search phase, organizers worked to keep clear of speculation on Khan’s disappearance in a desire to keep energy focused on finding the 19 year-old JCCC student. Now that Khan is reportedly safe, many of her supporters are left to speculate her reason for disappearance  since Khan and her family have yet to offer details.

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The post on OPPD police chief’s blog, Just the Facts.

I know there are probably a lot of unanswered questions regarding Aisha Khan. The most important fact for us all to remember is that she is safe. Everything else is now a personal family matter and we respect their privacy. Law enforcement officials were able to find, identify, and verify last night that she was not abducted and that no crime occurred. I want to thank everyone who dedicated their time and effort to this case. In the end, one that was missing has now been found.

The entire message posted on the Help Find Aisha Khan Facebook page:

The Khan family is ecstatic. Their daughter is ALIVE and safe. I cannot begin to express how much of an honor it has been getting to know them, even if it were a tragic event that brought us together. Isn’t that what humanity is? Caring, helping, giving selflessly to our brothers and sisters ESPECIALLY in time of grief? Our prayers that she would be located safely, regardless of background, havebeen answered.

I witnessed something beautiful this past week. Our community -local, national and global- setting aside all differences and banding together as one for something. It was truly what kept everyone motivated and positive throughout the whole ordeal. I received phone calls from people I’ve admired my whole life asking ME how they could help with efforts. I also received calls and emails from priests, rabbis and imams across the nation letting us know that they are all praying for Aisha. It was absolutely beyond inspiring.

Please, let us not forget what we have gained from this. We are at times vicious beings that are so quick to be critical and judgmental of others and this is certainly not a time to allow anything to dissolve this new-found global community, ESPECIALLY when the full story has yet to be announced.

Aisha brought us together. All efforts, all sleepless nights and exhaustion was worth it. Why? Because we found her, and she is alive and NOT DEAD.

Sincerest “thank you” to everyone for your selfless efforts. It has not gone unnoticed and each and every one of you was extremely crucial toward this goal. So proud of you all. Thank you


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