Aisha Khan’s Family to Donate $10,000 Reward

$10K Reward

A statement released today by the Khan family:

We would like to express our utmost gratitude for all the support, help, and prayers we received during this past week. To our neighbors; to the hundreds of volunteers who dedicated their time towards the search efforts; to the online community who helped spread awareness of her story and prayed for her; and to all local and national media outlets for keeping her story alive; we extend our heartfelt appreciation. Last but not least, we are tremendously grateful to the Overland Park Police Department who put in hundreds of hours into finding Aisha safely.

The last few days have been very difficult for the Khan family, especially Aisha. We are deeply thankful that our prayers were answered and that she was found safe and unharmed. The family is dedicated to giving Aisha the unconditional love, support, time, and whatever other tools she needs to work through these trying times.

This is a difficult period for Aisha and the family, so we ask for compassion and privacy as we remain committed to healing. We will be making no further statements on this matter as we hope you recognize this very public matter has now become a private family matter. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The family will be donating the $10,000 reward offered during her search. $5,000 will be donated to the Overland Park Police Department or a related law enforcement charity, and the remaining half will be given to other charitable organizations.

via Help Find Aisha Khan.

Aisha Khan’s family made a plea tot he public when she disappeared last Friday and the public responded. They invested time, energy, emotion into the search for Aisha. Now to be told it’s a “private matter” is a bit insulting to the thousands of friends, volunteers, non-profit organizations, journalists, and other professionals who all took time out of their lives to help #FindAisha.

Clearly, Aisha and her family aren’t legally obligated to share the details but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a moral obligation to help the rest of us — and maybe themselves — deal with how this situation was abruptly resolved.

The Khan family says it needs to heal, well, so do we.

If we don’t heal together, what happens when the next Aisha Khan goes missing?


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