JCCC’s Map Quest

Something came across the JCCC electronic mail server, Infolist today:

Google team visits JCCC
A team from Google is at the JCCC main campus and at OHEC this week, gathering site information in preparation for Google indoor mapping. Once this process is complete, JCCC students will be able to enter in a specific room location into a map application and find their way directly to the specified location.

The team consists of approximately six individuals conducting the building walkthroughs. The team navigates each building, looking for natural traffic patterns the students or patrons would travel. Then, through the use of mobile devices, the information is captured.

Meanwhile, JCCC floor plans are being uploaded to a designated Google portal where the coordinate data can be associated with the floor plans.

Thank you for your assistance with this process. Please contact Sandra Warner (ext. 2552) with any questions.

While it’s awesome that students and their families will be able to take self-guided tours of JCCC and that maybe the college’s trustees will finally be able to find their way around campus (BAZINGA!), it makes me wonder about the safety of the college’s students and employees.

I don’t mean to be indelicate but … has anyone at JCCC even considered that an unstable person could use this mapping technology to plan and carry out a killing spree?

With the push for campus security and mandatory active-shooter training for all employees, it confuses me why JCCC would partner with Google to reveal the college’s back stairwells, hidden areas, and other vulnerable areas of campus.

JCCC Campus Map

You might want to note the location of JCCC’s emergency phones and AEDs


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