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Friends with (Snow Day) Benefits

JCCC Snowman

JCCC Snowman watches student leave campus

First I want to say I’m glad JCCC took the precaution of closing today at 3 pm and will close tomorrow due to another massive snowstorm. One of the (very few) benefits JCCC offers employees like me is in its  Temporary College Closing Policy which says that if an employee is scheduled to work and the college closes, the employee still gets paid. yay! Considering JCCC also closed for snow two days last week, that probably means JCCC will be paying out quite a chunk this bit but at least it’s employees wont have to worry about losing even more money because of the thunder snowstorm.

However, I can’t help but think that the Board of Trustees and the outgoing college president on the prowl for more ways to institute “cost cutting measures” that this “snow day with pay” benefit will soon disappear or be modified so that many of JCCC’s employees won’t be eligible for it. The same goes for the other benefit employees like me get, Tuition Reimbursement, which lets us earn one free class per semester.

If JCCC needs to cut expenditures, why doesn’t our dear leader, Terry Calaway, take a page out of former JCCC Interim President Larry Tyree’s book?

While Interim President at Florida Keys Community College (yes, he’s the go-to-guy for community colleges in crisis), Tyree took a 50 percent pay cut from February 2011 to June 2011. The voluntary cut had him contributing more than $31,000 toward the college’s budget deficit. Unfortunately  FKCC’s financial problems also required faculty to take a 5 percent pay cut and for funds to be shifted from student activities.  But the point remains, Tyree took the heaviest hit in an attempt to minimize the damage to the campus community.

Oh Lordy, we should have hired that man permanently.

Again, thanks for the paid snow day, JCCC but don’t even think about eliminating it. I mean, come on, baby, don’t ruin a good thing. Let’s be friends with benefits. 


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