JCCC Withholds Open Forum Videos

Why does JCCC have to do things the hard way?

In the search for a new president, the college has selected three candidates. As part of the process, each of the candidates will visit campus for several forums to meet with the board and make presentations to the staff and to the faculty. One forum, the All-Staff Forum, will be video recorded so that staff unable to attend can review the candidates’ presentations.

However, an April 12 posting on the Johnson County Community College electronic mail server, Infolist, informed staff that the videos will be embargoed until all the candidates have made their presentations.

That’s just idiotic.

Why wait and release the videos all at once? The candidates aren’t visiting en masse. They aren’t making their presentations simultaneously.

The candidates’ visits are scheduled over three weeks. JCCC should upload the video for each candidate immediately after his visit.

The kicker is that JCCC admits withholding the videos will cause problems for staff if they want to offer feedback.

But perhaps that’s JCCC’s strategy.

The April 12 Infolist post:

Opportunity to offer presidential candidate feedback runs from April 25 to 28

     JCCC employees will have an opportunity to view the open forums and provide feedback for each of the three finalists in the JCCC presidential search.

     Plan ahead! Due to the timing of the end of the interviews and the date the board of trustees has set to discuss the candidates, employees will have limited time to view the videos and enter feedback electronically. In order to maintain a fair process for all candidates, all videos need to be released at the same time for viewing.

     The videos and link to provide feedback will be available from Thursday, April 25, to Sunday, April 28. This will allow time to tally the results and get comments to the board prior to their meeting on April 30.


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