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JCCC Trustee Resigns

Posted to the Johnson County Community College electronic mail server, Infolist:

Trustee Melody Rayl

Trustee Rayl

Melody Rayl submits resignation from JCCC board of trustees

Melody Rayl has submitted her resignation from the Johnson County Community College board of trustees. The trustees will consider her resignation at their regular monthly meeting on Aug. 15.

Rayl, Olathe, has been a college trustee since 2008. She was chair of the board in 2012-2013 and over the years served on the board’s human resources and audit committees and as the liaison to the JCCC Foundation and the collegial steering committee.

Rayl cited a desire to focus on family and career as the reason for her resignation. “It has been my absolute privilege to have had the opportunity to serve as a trustee for my beloved JCCC for nearly five years,” she said. “However, my service to JCCC, and to the community at large, particularly during my tenure as chair of the board over the past year, has had a significant impact on the work-life balance I strive to maintain. Therefore, I do not feel I can continue to devote the time and attention necessary to serve JCCC and the citizens of Johnson County in the manner they deserve.”

“Melody Rayl has been an outstanding trustee for JCCC,” said Jerry Cook, board chair. “Her leadership was so important during the transitions of the past year. The college, and the board, is grateful for her vision, wisdom and courage.”

“The college will miss Melody’s diligent leadership and enthusiastic spirit,” said Greg Musil, vice chair of the board of trustees. “Everyone at the college, and especially her fellow board members, owe her a special debt of gratitude for her years of service.”

The trustees will appoint someone to complete the rest of Rayl’s term, which ends June 30, 2017. Interested persons will be invited to submit an application to the college. The board will review the applications and narrow them to a list of final candidates. Those candidates will be interviewed, and one will be chosen to fill the seat on the board. The exact timeline and process has not yet been finalized; when it has, it will be announced and the vacancy will be posted.

Those familiar with the Board of Trustees may have been clued into Rayl’s resignation by looking at the 2013-2014 designated board officers, committee chairs, and liaisons that was published in the July Board of Trustees Packet.

Rayl is assigned to serve only on one committee whereas most of the other board members serve in multiple capacities — all except Jon Stewart.

Like Rayl, Stewart is only assigned to serve on one committee. Is this another indication that an additional vacancy on the board will open in the near future?

JCCC Board Officers, Committee Chairs, and Liasons


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JCCC Reorganizes — Again

Posted to the Johnson County Community College electronic mail server, Infolist:

From: InfoList
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2013 12:03 PM
To: InfoList
Subject: [infolist] Message from Joe Sopcich

Dear Colleagues:

When I was hired by the trustees to do this job, it was made clear that we, as a college, needed to hit the ground running. It was one of the stated benefits of hiring an internal candidate. Aside from a few newspaper stories and a magazine article that focused on the “local” hire as the new president of JCCC, there was minimal fuss or hoopla. And that’s the way it should be. I’m very proud to be the new president of this college, and I want to do my best for the institution, for you, for our students and patrons, and for the community. So now it’s time to get to work in pursuit of these objectives.

For those of you who came to my sessions during the interview process, you may remember that I talked about “One Community, One College, One Goal.” That’s what I hope to do over the next year – help us all focus on the same goals so that we’re working together to achieve them.

Professional Development Days

For that to happen, you need information, and we’ll start during Professional Development Days. We’re developing sessions on the college’s key performance indicators (KPIs), which will help us improve student persistence, graduation and transfer, transfer performance, student satisfaction and general education outcomes. We’ll also offer sessions on the college’s budget. The college is facing a number of budget challenges right now, and we want you to know what they are and why we will be doing some of the things we need to do. If you can’t make the sessions in August, we’ll be happy to present them to individual work groups throughout the fall.

Organizational structure

In addition to the budget and the key performance indicators, I wanted to take a hard look at the college’s organizational structure. Continue reading

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