Employees Point Fingers in JCCC Budget Battle

Just before the winter break, an email sent by JCCC’s Budget Discussion Team revealed that the campus has a whole lot of grinches in its midst.

pointing fingers

The budget update posted to the Faculty Association listserv, JCCFA, compiled suggestions on areas the college should consider when making budget decisions in later this month.

“Attached is the compilation of all of the feedback received by faculty, administrators, and staff, about where cuts could be made,” the email read. “This document was given to our team this week. Hopefully everyone who contributed material to me will see something in the list that looks like a summary of your comments.”

Suggestions include eliminating: librarians, selected sports, and entire programs like cosmetology. Employees also want to outsource everything from Human Resources to the police department. They recommend closing JCCC’s off campus sites, and even selling college acreage. Administrators did not escape the proposed budget ax either. Employees advise cutting the administration’s numbers and salaries.

“My take so far:  everyone had the opportunity to sound off, and many were glad to point fingers at others.  So the document is sometimes hard to digest (someone really thought that???).  We can only hope that those who are making the decisions (not our team) will be able to separate the good stuff from the completely inappropriate.”

The email also said the Budget Discussion Team will no longer have any further input into the process.

“Our only remaining meeting is to hear the results in late January.”

The attachment, in PDF, cut and pasted:

Input from the Budget Discussion Team

The following themes (bold headings) were identified from the feedback received from the budget discussion team. This information has not been validated or analyzed; it is simply repeated from the feedback gathered. The list includes data-based suggestions as well as opinions and perceptions.

Members of cabinet are using this information to identify specific areas for further review. In many cases, additional data and benchmarking information is necessary as these are not quick decisions. The purpose of future changes will be to enhance student success, increase operating efficiencies and facilitate continuous quality improvement. The process will require using accurate information to develop a plan for changing, discontinuing, reorganizing or revitalizing the area under review.

The first step in the communication process with the budget discussion team was to gather this information. Returning this summary to the group is the second step and the third and final step will be when the group meets on January 23, 2014 to be presented with budget decisions for FY15 as well as recommendations and plans for continuous quality initiatives.


  • Retirement incentives
  • Buyout underperforming senior professors
  • Endow staff or faculty positions (foundation)
  • Move 12 month faculty positions to 9 month positions
  • Move 12 month administrative positions to 11 month positions
  • Voluntary reduction in hours?
  • Reduce hours during slow times at college
  • Use seasonal workers for peak times
  • Use work study students instead of some part-time administrative support positions
  • Review amount of time employees have to play on their computer and visit
  • Reduce full-time positions to part-time

Faculty Review

  • Cost of excessive faculty release time
  • Eliminate professor emeritus status
  • Decrease/eliminate sabbaticals
  • Library of the future – need for librarians?
  • Move counselors into each division for familiarity and accurate advising
  • Use PT counselors in counseling center
  • Move to a faculty advising model
  • Hire advisors instead of master-level degreed counselors
  • Increase faculty workload to 18 credit hours as full load (when contract is renegotiated). Most teach overload above the required 15 credit hours
  • Faculty travel time – some attend one or more conferences per year and are gone 4 or 5 days
  • Release time for counselors – have them work 40 hours

Administrative Review

  • Consider administrative growth
  • Roll back administrative numbers and salaries
  • Administrative costs; reorganize divisions
  • Administrators need to explain their value
  • Reanalyzing the growth in faculty and administrators
  • High pay for new administrator positions
  • Evaluate need for administrative and staff positions (all areas need to review positions)

Use of Resources

  • Museum
    • Number of employees
    • Support from General Fund
  • Performing Arts
    • Support from General Fund
  • Sustainability Program
    • Number of employees
    • Support from General Fund
    • Should the initiative be centralized or decentralized?
  • JCCC to the MAX
    • Number of staff
    • Number of students participating
    • Giving gift cards for attendance
  • Study Abroad
    • Travel Expenses
    • Number of students benefiting
  • Faculty development
    • Is it effective?
  • Grants office
    • Number of employees
  • Publications
    • Number of publications/staff
  • Review (cut) travel
  • Benchmarking Institute
    • Number of employees
    • Is it self-supporting?


  • Too much money spent on classroom technology that is not used
  • Consider more cloud-based technology

Auxiliary Functions

  • End general fund support


  • All employees pay 25% of benefit package in the future
  • Start new tier for new employees
  • Reduce flex dollars for employees not purchasing medical coverage at JCCC


  • End Kings Cove rental
  • End KU Edwards rental
  • End West Park rental
  • Remodeling priorities


  • Bookstore
  • Police Department
  • Document Services
  • Custodial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Dining Services
  • Information Services
  • Payroll
  • Fleet vehicles

Academic Programs

  • Cut athletic programs
    • Golf/tennis
  • Cut cosmetology/nail programs
  • Look at programs with low enrollment for 4 semesters as candidates for discontinuing
  • Phase out low enrollment programs

Consolidation Opportunities

  • Continuing Education/Credit Registration
  • Educational Technology Center and Academic Computing
  • Administrative Assistants (shared vs. everyone having their own)
  • ESL Programs
  • Academic Divisions with emphasis on middle and upper positions
  • Student Activities (first floor of SC and third floor of COM) free up space for other programs
  • High school recruitment and retention (Career Pathways, Admissions, College Now)


  • Revise late enrollment policy (lose enrollment/revenue because students can’t enroll after a class has met one time)
  • Offer an accelerated educational program
  • Offer more general education classes online
  • Higher tuition for online classes
  • Higher tuition for higher-expense programs
  • Add other sections when classes become full
  • Revise how courses are scheduled
  • Technology fee needs to be reviewed
  • Sell some of the college acreage 


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