JCCC to Cut $3M in Salary, Benefits

Johnson County Community College President Joseph Sopcich released a statement (below) to the campus addressing the college’s budget shortfall and impending cuts. The college will also raise tuition.

Follow the Campus Ledger’s reporting on the budget process.


Posted December 17, 2013 on the Johnson County Community College electronic mail server, Infolist:

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Subject: [infolist] A message from Joe Sopcich

As part of the budget process, we have been conducting an extensive review of college departments, programs and activities. A Budget Review Team with representatives from across the college was formed to provide input. The suggestions they shared revealed some themes that we will consider further.

Although we are not yet through with the budget process, we have determined that the majority of the $3 million in savings required from salary and benefits can be accomplished through normal attrition. Not filling positions vacated through resignations or retirements will require remaining employees to pick up additional responsibilities as departments figure out how to consolidate or eliminate the tasks and projects the vacated positions would have handled.

We are still continuing to review programs, functions and activities to meet the long-term goals of continuous improvement and enhancing operating efficiencies. As a result, identification of additional cuts, consolidation of efforts or reorganization will be part of an ongoing improvement process.


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