JCCC Faculty Senate Rejects Budget Process

JCCC President Joe Sopcich told the Faculty Senate the campus can expect a communique on Jan 24 concerning JCCC’s long-awaited budget decisions.

According to the Dec. 12 JCCC Faculty Senate Minutes “… a message will be sent that will itemize what will happen with regards to budget concerns and notifications.”

Sopchic and the Board of Trustees will continue to look at retirements and vacated positions and “will ask departments affected to fill-in the workload with existing personnel.”

Joe Sopcich shared some specifics:

  • JCCC has experienced a 6th semester decline in enrollment; below 2006.
  • JCCC has dipped into reserves 5 years straight; state funding is questionable.
  • JCCC is pending results of a lawsuit that will affect higher education; 1.5% cut or $300,000 to JCCC.
  • We need a five-year plan based on an optimistic projection in light of the property tax decline we have experienced.
  • We are facing more competition than ever from area institutions and online options that students have at their fingertips.
  • Recruiting will be a focus in spring 2014; if there is a market, we need to fill it.

The senate’s Budget Discussion Team voiced dissatisfaction with an administration document saying “Suggestions from faculty were solicited and compiled in a list which was unsourced and unaccredited.”

The Faculty Senate approved the following statement:

“The faculty senate rejects the validity of the process by which the document titled ‘Input from the budget discussion team’ was developed due to the lack of transparency in the process and the discrepancies between data gathered and that presented.”

However the senate declined to distribute the statement noting it could adversely affect morale and cause division among faculty.

The minuets also acknowledged the senate’s failure to distribute a statement that calls for transparency.


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