JCCC Dislikes Social Media Policy

JCCC Faculty Senate votes against Kansas Board of Regents Social Media Policy

Johnson County Community College Faculty Senate released a statement taking a stand for academic freedom. The statement released to the senate’s electronic mail server, Jan. 29, supports the state-wide Council of Faculty Senate Presidents’ call for the Kansas Board of Regents to suspend it’s newly adopted social media policy until the KBOR and the council can agree on a new one.

On Thursday, January 23, the Johnson County Community College Faculty Senate voted unanimously to support the Council of Faculty Senate Presidents’ resolution opposing the Board of Regents’ social media policy and calling for its suspension. Although the policy as written does not apply to community colleges, our action indicates the support by the faculty of the state’s largest community college for the rights of free speech and academic freedom in higher education.

Vincent A. Clark, Ph.D.

President, Johnson County Community College Faculty Senate

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