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JCCC to raise mill levy & tuition

At their monthly meeting, the JCCC Board of Trustees voted to increase the mill levy and to increase the student activities fee per credit hour. Now some may argue that this fee is not tuition but it is assessed per credit hour, like tuition, and it must be paid at the same time one pays tuition. Call it whatever you want, but it’s a tuition increase.

According to trustees, the increase is to help  provide scholarships. Clearly the board thinks we’re a bunch of idiots because we all know that a primary focus area for the JCCC Foundation is providing scholarships.  It does that with Dollars for Scholars and Some Enchanted EveningIt also holds special events like Spice! with Wolfgang Puck.

BTW, JCCC wouldn’t need to increase the student activities fee to fund scholarships, if it didn’t keep raising tuition.

But you’re saying “What about all those scholarships that need to be funded?”

Perhaps the JCCC Foundation should  stop forcing the college to construct buildings simply to name after donors and do something more practical like seeking permission from the funders of unawarded scholarships to temporarily shift those funds to the scholarships students need most.

Let me tell you, I’ve gotten full scholarships from JCCC because I was the only one who applied. I’ve also applied for and gotten scholarships from JCCC because the people in charge of  those funds begged me to submit an application because they had money to give away — literally.

OK this was more of a rant than I’d anticipated. I just meant to offer some clarification on JCCC raising the mill levy and tuition…

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