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Details Emerge in Case of Missing JCCC Student Aisha Khan

Posted Friday afternoon on the Facebook Page, Help Find Aisha Khan:

WHAT WE KNOW (at this point):

Apparently a man approached Aisha shortly before noon Friday, Dec. 16 outside the main KU Edwards Campus building and proceeded to harass her. She called and left her cousin a voice mail saying a man (whom she believed was drunk) was being inappropriate with her and that she didn’t feel comfortable. When her cousin went to the location where she stated she was in the voice mail, she found Aisha’s belongings, including her cell phone, but she was no where to be found.

Police spent Friday interviewing family and friends and investigating any leads. Last information received from a family member was that the police spoke to landscapers who were working on a nearby construction site and they said they may have seen a woman who matched Aisha’s description walking around Pflumm Rd. Nothing has been confirmed.

Please keep checking this page for latest updates on possible mass search attempts.

If you know anyone that was on the KUE campus on Friday please ask them if they saw Aisha/communicated with her at all.

Till then, please pray for Aisha, her family, and share this page with friends, family and the greater Kansas City community. Continue reading


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