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JCCC Trustee: Homosexuality is a Sin

Drummond anti-gay

CLICK IMAGE to read more about Drummond’s role in banning “Annie on My Mind”

“Yes, I believe in what the Bible says about homosexuality. It is a sin.”

 – Bob Drummond.

This is why I have not and will not ever vote for Bob Drummond — or those who align themselves with him. When he served on the Olathe School Board, Drummond voted to remove a young adult book, Annie on My Mind,  from all Olathe School libraries. I have a problem with this for several reasons:

  1. You all know how much I love libraries. I work the the JCCC Billington Library, for Pete’s sake.
  2. I am a staunch advocate for the First Amendment having earned the Society of Professional Journalists’ First Amendment Award for reporting on JCCC.
  3. I am a Gay man — a Gay man who READS. When I first moved to the KC Metro, I spent hours in the library reading about the history and culture of the LGBT community.
  4. There are LGBT youth in high school, believe me. Keeping information from them only puts them at risk.
  5. I am a writer working on an YA novel that includes LGBT characters.

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JCCC Trustee Candidate Forum II

The second Johnson County Community College Trustees Candidate Forum was hosted by The Johnson County Public Policy Council.

The forum took place 3:30-5:00 p.m. March 25 at the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce.

All six of the JCCC Trustee Candidates were in attendance:

  • Jerry Cook
  • Lee Cross
  • Robert Drummond
  • Melody Rayl
  • Richard Schroder
  • Stephanie Sharp


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JCCC Trustee Candidate Forum

JCCC and the League of Women Voters presented a Trustee Candidate Forum 7 p.m. Friday, March 22 in GEB 137.

Five of the six candidates participated in the forum. Participants included: Jerry Cook, Lee Cross,  Melody Rayl, Stephanie Sharp, and Richard Schroder.  Robert Drummond was unable to attend. Dave Helling, multimedia reporter and columnist for The Kansas City Star, moderated.

In addition to his prepared questions, Helling also presented questions submitted by the audience.

Thanks to Sunflower Brew podcast for the video

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Who Do You Want Me To Vote For?

Today my best friend asked me the question he asks every two years: “Who do you want me to vote for?”

You see, it’s usually around this time that most JCCC employees (and some students) get asked that question or one similar to it.

While most people in Johnson County are familiar with the community college, many aren’t aware of the issues affecting it. Nor are they aware that in this particular race there are four openings on the JCCC Board of Trustees.

Since there are six candidates (two challengers and four incumbents), each registered voter has the opportunity to cast up to four votes.

But that’s not what I’m asking my friends and family to do.

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