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It Gets Better?

JCCC Board of Trustees Executive Sessions


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oh no he di’int

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JCCC President Sopcich Takes Helm

Friday will be Calaway’s last day as JCCC president

With 30 days left in Johnson County Community College’s fiscal year, President Terry Calaway has announced he will vacate his post early and incoming president Joe Sopcich will take the helm.

Despite Calaway vacating the president’s office, he will become a “consultant.”

According to the college’s page dedicated to the presidential search, Calaway will officially leave Aug. 1, 2013

Posted May 22 to the Johnson County Community College electronic mail server, Infolist:

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Subject: [infolist] Presidential transition

The process of transitioning the presidency from Dr. Calaway to Dr. Sopcich will begin June 1. To assure a smooth and stable transition, Dr. Calaway will serve in a consultant’s role as Dr. Sopcich assumes the day-to-day responsibilities of the college president on that date.

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JCCC Names Sixth President

Posted to the Johnson County Community College electronic mail server, Infolist:

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Subject: [infolist] JCCC trustees select new college president

JCCC trustees select new college president

Joseph M. Sopcich will succeed Terry Calaway as president of Johnson County Community College. Calaway, who announced his retirement in October 2012, will leave the college on July 31.

“I speak for the entire board of trustees in congratulating Dr. Sopcich on being selected as the next president of JCCC,” said Melody Rayl, chair of the board of trustees. “His proven leadership ability, together with his long history with the college and the enduring relationships he has established in our community and across the country, leaves absolutely no doubt among the trustees that he is the person to lead our college into the next decade. We are excited to have Dr. Sopcich at the helm as we begin the next chapter in JCCC’s legacy as one of the finest community colleges in the country.”

“The JCCC board of trustees has made an outstanding selection,” said Calaway. “Dr. Sopcich is a man of heart and integrity and will be a true superstar as the next president/CEO of Johnson County Community College. Joe’s experience inside and outside the classroom has prepared him well for this role; he certainly will extend and expand our tradition of excellence. As a Kansas City native, Joe has an intimate knowledge of our community, and he will put that knowledge to work every day in his new role.  I congratulate the board, our college and the entire JCCC community on the selection.”

Dr. Sopcich has been with JCCC since 1992, serving over the years as executive director of institutional advancement, vice president of institutional advancement and government affairs, executive vice president of administrative services and executive vice president/chief financial officer. Activities over the years include the implementation of a new approach to building the college’s $140 million operating budget, resulting in a reduction in expenses and reallocation behind strategic priorities, and the completion of a successful fundraising campaign for the college’s new Hospitality and Culinary Academy.

Dr. Sopcich’s honors include a Fulbright Award in 2011, traveling to Russia to present seminars on the merits of American community colleges; the Colleague of the Year award from the JCCC Foundation in 2010 in recognition of his dedication to JCCC students and programming; and the Faculty Leadership award in 2008 given by the JCCC Faculty Association in recognition of his leadership and support of JCCC’s faculty. He has taught as an adjunct in the college’s business division since 2006. Sopcich earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Notre Dame and a PhD from the University of Kansas.

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You see this:


I see this:


Calaway Suck

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Look what I did!

So Long, Farewell” … Isn’t that the song the von Trapp family sang when they were trying to escape the Nazis?


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