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Can’t Con? Try KantCon at JCCC


KantCon is a new gaming convention for tabletop hobby gamers in the Kansas City area, created by Ethan Parker in 2009.  The summertime non-gambling gaming convention created by Kansas City gamers for Kansas City gamers is scheduled to take place on July 8 – 10 at the Johnson County Community College.

“I’ve been living in Kansas almost all my life, and I’ve always wanted a summertime gaming activity that I could do with friends, family, and meet new people in the Kansas City area who share my love of tabletop gaming,” Ethan Parker said.

Parker, a student at the University of Missouri Kansas City and a Johnson County Community College alum, wants to bring the business generated by conventions like Gen Con and Dragon Con to the Kansas City area. Continue reading


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JCCC Library Renovation

Progress on the renovation of the Billington Library at JCCC is, uh, progressing.

The library is expanding into the seldom used foyer area. Workers are anchoring beams into the cement staircase so, right now, it kinda looks like toothpicks stuck in a giant pineapple.


This area will no longer serve as a library exit. It will become a work and storage area. It will also be where a student can get a campus ID/library card. Continue reading

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