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When Math Isn’t About Math

Missouri Colleges Examine Math Requirements

I remember after taking (and failing) Introduction to Algebra for like the sixth time, I had a full breakdown. I mean, I didn’t go to work or school for like an entire week. Every dream I had for myself slipped away because they all hinged on me successfully completing three semesters of algebra. I spent that week thinking to myself, “This is it. This is my life. It will never be any more than what it is right now. I’ll never be the person that I know I can be. Never.”

College algebra has been the general education math requirement for graduation for decades. For many students, that’s also meant sitting through remedial math, or taking algebra two or three times – Missouri could offer options to college algebra more relevant to students’ majors | The Kansas City Star.

I understand the critical thinking that math offers. I know how to look at a large complex problem and break it down into smaller components, gather my like terms, do my simple order of operations, and solve. I can do that and I use that math skill every day. But there’s no way to measure that math skill for someone like me. People think I hate math but I rather admire its logic (except for when previously established intransigent rules suddenly have no meaning). I may not be calculating the path to Pluto but I know how to tip appropriately. I know figure out if a BOGO Sale is really a sale. I know how to balance my bank account. I know how to pay my bills.

A committee appointed by the Missouri Department of Higher Education is recommending that two- and four-year public schools that require algebra instead give students the option of taking a class in statistics or another math subject more relevant to their field..

If the KC Star article was about reading or writing, I’d be sad because reading and writing are such joys for me. Yet, I also know that for some people reading is their math. Writing is their math. Public speaking is their math. If there are people out there who are living what they know for them is a meager life, a life short of their dreams, simply because of reading or speech or math, then we’ve got do to what we can to help them. That’s what college is all about.

“Students have been told, ‘You don’t think mathematically,’ because they struggle with algebra, but algebra is just one small aspect of mathematics.” 


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Trust Miguel’s Top 5 for 2013

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s Trust Miguel’s Top Five:

5. Former JCCC Prez Finalist for City College San Francisco Chancellor
4. JCCC Trustee: Homosexuality is a Sin
3. Who Do You Want Me To Vote For?
2. JCCC Student Athlete Dies
1. Former JCCC President Seeks Top Job in Florida

Click here to see the complete report.

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Former JCCC Prez Finalist for City College San Francisco Chancellor

Terry Calaway

Terry Calaway

After not making the cut for the Florida State College at Jacksonville president job, Terry Calaway is on the short list for the position of Chancellor of the City College of San Francisco.

Considering how diverse City College of San Francisco is, one wonders if they will have the same concerns staff at Florida State had about Calaway shutting down the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI) when he was president of Johnson County Community College. Will CCSF’s Faculty Diversity Internship program continue? How about it’s Gender Diversity Project or the  Latino Services Network?

— Terry Calaway, 57, retired in August after six years as president of Johnson County Community College in Kansas, a school of 60,000 students. He grew enrollment by 8 percent and coordinated academics with four-year universities. His 36-year career in academia includes four as president of Central Arizona College.

In 2011, the college expelled four nursing students who posted photos on Facebook showing them working with placenta. A court ordered reinstatement of a student who sued.

Calaway holds a doctorate in education administration from the University of Texas at Austin.

via 4 finalists for City College S.F. chancellor’s job – SFGate.

The article recalls the Placenta-gate scandal that focused on Calaway expelling student nurses for posting photos on Facebook.

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Calaway Faces Diversity Scrutiny

The Florida Times-Union reports that Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) has named six semifinalists for president. JCCC former president Terry Calaway, who retired earlier this year “to spend more time with his family,” has made it the second round.

However there are concerns from FSCJ that focus on Calaway’s decision  to shut down JCCC’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI).

In Calaway’s interview video for the FSCJ search committee, he highlights creating the ODEI as one of his accomplishments as president.

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Trustee Morales? Yes, Please!

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JCCC’s Diversity Legacy

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JCCC Trustee: Homosexuality is a Sin

Drummond anti-gay

CLICK IMAGE to read more about Drummond’s role in banning “Annie on My Mind”

“Yes, I believe in what the Bible says about homosexuality. It is a sin.”

 – Bob Drummond.

This is why I have not and will not ever vote for Bob Drummond — or those who align themselves with him. When he served on the Olathe School Board, Drummond voted to remove a young adult book, Annie on My Mind,  from all Olathe School libraries. I have a problem with this for several reasons:

  1. You all know how much I love libraries. I work the the JCCC Billington Library, for Pete’s sake.
  2. I am a staunch advocate for the First Amendment having earned the Society of Professional Journalists’ First Amendment Award for reporting on JCCC.
  3. I am a Gay man — a Gay man who READS. When I first moved to the KC Metro, I spent hours in the library reading about the history and culture of the LGBT community.
  4. There are LGBT youth in high school, believe me. Keeping information from them only puts them at risk.
  5. I am a writer working on an YA novel that includes LGBT characters.

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